Celebration Subscription 2021!

Celebration Subscription 2021!

Struggle to remember Birthdays, Baby Showers, Grand Kids birthdays, Wedding Showers, Anniversaries, Mother’s & Father's Day, Valentine's Day, births and celebrations?

PICK YOUR DATES BELOW & we take care of the rest.


Jan 30th: Husbands Birthday- age 50- loves clean body care- books about cars- anything Sarafino- any baked goods- no allergies- does not like lavender. Spend $50 before tax

Feb 14th: Valentines Day for Girlfriend - age 22 - loves anything in your store, especially Spark & Thistle Jewellery - can't have dairy- spend $150 before tax 

May 7th: Baby Shower for my daughter- age 27-include some clean body care for baby and something special for Mama! Spend $100 before tax. 


1. Pick the dates and value amount for each gift. There will always be added value to each gift from us! Need more dates later on? Simply purchase another plan and add your new dates!

2. Two days before the big date, we will reach out and remind you that we have your back! We will confirm if it is to be delivered *(charges may apply), the address for delivery, or a pickup date/time. If we are not open during the hours that you need the gift, Ie, returning home from work late- don't worry, we will figure it out!

3. We will then put a gift together based on your special person’s day. We can wrap it, or have it open face for you to do so. We can also include a card. 

4. In order to satisfy the profile of your special person, we have the ability to shop most of the local vendors on our strip such as Blue Heron Books, Passionate Cook, Woods Clothing, Community Cleaning, Uxbridge Shoes, Tin Restaurant, and more! Your subscription could support more than one local shop- way to go! 

5. Minimum Gift Spend is $50 retail value which only costs you $42.50 after our 15% discount for ordering ahead. Browse our website to get a feel for pricing before setting your budget. 

Get Started By Filling Out Our Gift Wizard Form Below: