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Zero-Waste Shave Kit: Just Shave

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Shaving without plastic is fantastic & easy! Leave no trace on your face, and earth’s space. Just Shaving gives you all the eco-friendly zero-waste shaving essentials bundled into one glorious green grooming option.

Take the guilt out of grooming your face & body. Put disposable razors, shaving cream, and razor blades in the past, you don’t need them anymore. The option is clear, waste-free, and ready for you! Instead of shaving with disposable grooming products that pollute our planet, you can choose this plastic-free shaving bundle today.


  • Safety Razor Blades
  • Citrus Shave Bar with Travel Tin (Travel Size) 
  • Bamboo Razor

Our Safety Razors are completely zero waste & provide the closest possible shave that removes hair the first time. Say goodbye to traditional disposable plastic razor blades and say hello to the best eco-friendly razor blades anyone in Canada could own. It’s that simple.

Our Shave Bar is 100% natural, sulfate-free, and palm oil-free with no parabens and synthetic fragrances. Due to this, our Canada-made moisturizing shave bars provide the same luxurious lather you expect from traditional shaving cream, without stripping your face of its natural oils and moisture. 

Our Bamboo Razor is a classic; just metal & bamboo - no plastic. Our environmentally friendly straight blade bamboo razor provides the closest possible shave and removes hair right...the first time. Gone are the days of suffering through razor burn, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs to then throw your plastic razor in the garbage. 

Our Just Shave bundle is available right now for people who are looking to switch to a zero-waste eco-friendly shaving solution that is easy, plastic-free, and fantastic for our planet.