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Description Provided By Melanie Cruickshank of da lish

OMG - where to even start... These lipsticks WOW with full coverage, bright pigments that won’t dry out your lips. Lipstick is the BEST accessory for your face and my personal must have at all times. Sun glasses, a great coat and LIPSTICK. Instant chic.

I take great pride in every single one of these matte long lasting lipsticks. You should be able to have meals, coffee, wine, snacks and still have a shadow. I love how they change through out the day and really is the lipstick that keeps on giving.

LYNDA (LO1) - Lynda - is my Grandma aka GMA. Born and raised in rural Quebec City and is self taught in playing the piano and famous for her deviled eggs. Gma loves her lipstick, has travelled far and wide including Egypt and always up for a good time. This is what this lipstick is. Fun & up for anything. Perfect to add your fav lip gloss over to change it up. The most versatile shade.

NADINE (LO2) - In honour of our dear friend Nadine Parsons we are changing the name of our LO2 matte lipstick to Nadine and donating proceeds to her @rethink fund for MBC (metastatic breast cancer) so her message & memory lives on. I had spoken with her multiple times of creating her own lipstick and she always said LO2? Or as close to that shade as possible. I would always laugh. Here you are my girl. Pinky/red - has a real punch of colour.

SHIRLEY (LO3) - Is a proud Newfoundlander, loves to have a good time and is simply the best! I went on one of the best trips of my life with Shirley to her home of Newfoundland which is a must see for everyone. The ocean, beaches, people and landscapes are so special and this shade of hot pink which was inspired by Barbie is Shirley’s signature lip shade!

FLORENCE (LO4) - I couldn’t think of a better name for our famed 1920’s depression vintage red. Florence was my nana‘s name and was brought over on the Queen Mary along with my Mother Rosemary as a war bride & child. My grandfather was a Canadian war veteran from Scotland. She was classic, very British and a proper lady. This is what this lipstick embodies. This is the original, classic & iconic red lipstick in the world.

CORRINE (LO5) - is a very dear friend and da lish supporter from the very start. Her signature lipstick is the former LO5. Corrine is the founder of BIKO jewellery - she’s modern, stylish and has an incredible eye for design. She’s the ultimate cool girl but with a heart of coral.