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Austin G6 Pour Over Coffee Maker - 1000ml/34 fl.oz

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A high quality pour over coffee maker, the Austin G6 is built with refinement, and built to last.

Capacity: 1 liter, 34 fl. oz

Material: Borosilicate glass carafe and stainless steel permanent coffee filter. Plastic protective grip.

Austin G6: best pour over coffee maker for slow drip coffee

We think that the Austin G6 may be the best pour over coffee maker for people who are experienced with slow drip coffee. Also, it is great for someone just learning how to make pour over coffee. It has a large capacity of 1 litre or 34 fl. oz. So you can make coffee for 1-4 people at a time

Highest quality double layered stainless steel filter for grit free coffee

The stainless steel coffee filter on the Austin G6 is specially designed. It is made with extra fine stainless steel mesh layered on a laser etched stainless steel frame. This makes it a very strong filter. The fine mesh filters out all grit from your coffee. That gives you smooth tasting coffee without the grittiness of other methods. This is a reusable filter so you don’t need to purchase replacement paper filter s.The filter is very durable and is considered a permanent coffee filter. Paper cone filters are never needed. The carafe and the filter are both dishwasher safe. We highly recommend washing the filter with some dish detergent and a sponge after each use to avoid buildup of coffee oils which can plug up any coffee filter.

Difference between French Press vs. Pour over coffee

People generally find french press coffee to be among the tastiest. French press using a method of brewing called immersion brewing. That way the coffee stays immersed in the water, releasing all its flavour over time. When coffee is roasted initially the water heats up in the bean and turns to steam. Then, there is a light sound called the first crack. When they have roasted a bit longer the cell walls in the coffee bean can rupture releasing some oils. That is called the second cracking noise. Since this is due to roasting time, this happens in darker roasts coffees more commonly.

In a French press, these oils soak into the water and help give the special mouthfeel and flavour in the coffee. The filter in a French press is coarser, so some grit ends up in your cup. Paper pour over filters in common drip coffee makers trap that oil flavour and don’t allow it to get into the cup. That makes paper filter coffee smooth but a little flatter tasting. With the Austin G6, over half of the oils can make it to your cup without the grit. So you can get a smooth tasting coffee that is also bold and deep at the same time.

High-quality Borosilicate glass carafe

There are several grades of borosilicate glass that are available. Common types of this glass include Non-alkaline borosilicate glass 3.3, Alkaline earth borosilicate glass, and High Borate borosilicate glass.

  1. We only use the Non-alkaline borosilicate glass 3.3 in the highest grade available to make our glassware. This is a superior grade of glass compared to common cheap brands sold online. It will assure you better thermal shock resistance. It is also more durable and completely chemically inert and safe for hot or boiling water. Our glass is also made to the ideal thickness to be strong and durable and maintain heat resistance. We used the best quality glass to make the best pour over coffee maker.

For ideal Pour over coffee ratio – drip coffee ratio

To make pour over coffee the best way you will need the ideal drip coffee ratio. Brew guides offer various ranges of coffee to water ratio. The drip coffee ratio is the weight of coffee beans to the amount of water used. Although there isn’t a perfect pour over coffee ratio, using an ideal amount of coffee beans can give you a good start to making the best cup. The amount of coffee you use will set the strength of the coffee.

We suggest using around 20 grams of coffee beans for a 12 oz or 350 grams of water. That is the same as 350 ml of water. That is the size of a medium coffee mug. Use around 30 grams of coffee beans for the 18 oz. cup. If you are going to brew the full pot you will add around 60 grams of coffee beans into the filter.

How to make Pour over coffee in the Austin G6

To make coffee in the Austin G6 use your gooseneck kettle to first sprinkle a little hot water on the coffee grinds in the filter. This should be enough to get the beans wet, but not to have much water drip into the glass carafe. Then you will wait around 1-2 minutes for the beans to absorb the water. This is called “blooming the coffee”. It is similar to waking up the coffee beans to get them ready to brew. Then you pour water slowly in a circular way to prepare the coffee. Pour over drippers allow you to control the flow of the water and to perfect the flavour extraction from the coffee beans.

After blooming the coffee, the ideal brew time will vary between 2.5 to 4 minutes and will depend on your flavour choice. If you like stronger coffee, pour more slowly. If you like it a little less strong, you can pour more slowly.

Use medium to coarse ground coffee beans

When using the best pour over coffee maker Austin G6, we recommend using a medium to coarse coffee beans. These will allow the coffee to flow smoothly while giving a rich flavour. The medium will flow more slowly resulting in slightly stronger coffee. The coarse will flow more quickly. As you adjust your grind size you may need to adjust the weight of the beans a little bit as well. Smaller grind will mean you reduce the coffee beans around 10% to 20%. A finer grind that’s better for an espresso machine will plug up the filter and it will not work for pour over coffee.