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Replacement French Press Glass Beaker - 1000ml/34 fl. oz

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A universal replacement beaker made from borosilicate glass for GROSCHE French presses and other major brands.

A universal replacement beaker for French presses

A universal design replacement beaker that fits all French presses from GROSCHE and most other major brands. It’s made from heatproof borosilicate, heat-resistant glass, & guaranteed not to cloud or impart flavour into your coffee or tea. When its time for a French Press glass replacement, this is the beaker that you want.

High quality borosilicate glass

When you’re looking for a replacement beaker, you should choose one that is we made with quality borosilicate glass. Although all glass, no matter how well made, is breakable, it is a good idea to purchase one that you can trust. The GROSCHE replacement beakers are made of borosilicate glass. This type of glass can resist very high temperatures and will also never cloud.

Beaker sizing

This is an area that often confuses buyers of French presses. A “3 cup” beaker or a coffee press, actually has a capacity of 350 ml, or 11.8 oz. Its not 3 North American sized cups of coffee, but 3 cups per a European measure of a “cup” size, which are close to 3.4 oz. each. Likewise, an 8 cup replacement beaker is actually a 1 liter or 34 fl. oz capacity, or around 2-3 North American coffee mugs. Please be sure to check the exact size of your coffee press before ordering the beaker. This is a very common error so its advisable to check and be sure before moving ahead with this.

What size glass beaker do I need for my Coffee press (Cafetiere)?

The GROSCHE Replacement Beakers are deisgned to fit most presses by all major brands (other major retail brands includes Bodum™, LeCafetiere™, etc). Please be sure to check the exact size of your French press before ordering the beaker. Safe to use for hot or iced coffees and teas.

Here are the sizes for you to check your French Press Beaker size:

“3 cup” – holds 350ml, or 11.8 fl. oz.   Base / Body Diameter: 6.75 cm ( 2 5/8″, or 2.66″). Height 13.3 cm (5 1/4″)
“8 cup”, holds 1000ml, or 34 fl. oz     Base / Body Diameter: 9.7 cm (3 13/16″, or 3.8″). Height 17.7 cm (7″)
“12 cup”, holds 1500ml, or 51 fl. oz.  Base / Body Diameter: 11.6 cm ( 4 1/2″). Height 18 cm (7 1/8″)

What brands do the beakers fit?

They fit all major brands. As long as you select the correct size of beaker for the same size of coffee press that you have (350ml/1000ml/1500ml etc) , you should not have issues fitting them into your press. Whether you have a GROSCHE press, or from any another major brand, our beakers are made to a universal size chart that is followed bu all major brands and the beaker should fit without issue.

How to replace the glass beaker in your French press

When replacing glass beakers please use caution to ensure that the glass doesn’t break. Although borosilicate glass is fairly strong for its weight, excess pressure could shatter and potentially injure someone. Try light pressure to move the beaker and wear gloves to protect your hands. Some cafetieres release the beakers easily, while others require some level of disassembly.