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Turmeric Elixir Latte NO ESPRESSO

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How We Make It:

Goldenmilk Turmeric Cacao Elixir Mix, Milk Base

We've combined the magic of ayurvedic golden milk with cacao for a delightfully warming elixir. A blend of traditionally used roots and spices, including turmeric, curcumin absorbing black pepper, gut-friendly ginger, cinnamon and cardamom.

Minimally sweetened with coconut sugar and mildly energizing from the cacao, this is a wonderfully fragrant whole food. From breakfast booster to cozy evening beverage, this wholesome mix will keep you balanced with every sip.

Ingredients: cocoa powder*, turmeric powder*, coconut sugar*, cacao mass*, coconut oil*, cinnamon powder*, ginger powder*, black pepper*, cinnamon essence*, ginger essence*, cardamom essence*. *organic ingredient.

*Certified organic & non GMO | gluten free & dairy free | vegan & soy free
Certified organic by Pro-Cert